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United States Military History

INSTRUCTORS: Mr. Frank Marscelli
  PHONE: (619) 594-1693

Analyze decisions made by American military leaders.  Military engagements from colonial period through current operating environment.  Principals of war and reviews of decisions affecting outcomes.

MILITARY SCIENCE 101/102 (MIL S 101/102)

INSTRUCTORS: SDSU - Mr. Frank Marscelli / SSG Evelyn Deleon
  PHONE: (619) 594-1693 / (619) 594-2820
  E-MAIL: /

CSUSM - CPT Pedro CruzFeliciano / SFC Angel Martinez
  PHONE: (760) 750-4874
  Email: /

USD/UCSD/PLNU - SFC David Schible / SSG Brian DeSantiago
  Phone: (619) 260-7920
  Email: /

Military Science 101 and 102 provide an introduction to the structure, organization, and missions of the US Army. Students participate in a combination of classroom and field work that teach them basic doctrine and tactics as well as military briefing and writing techniques. Students also participate in a physical conditioning program and are taught the principles of physical fitness.

MILITARY SCIENCE 201/202 (MIL S 201/202)

  PHONE: (619) 594-2808

CSUSM - CPT Pedro CruzFelciano / SFC Angel Martinez
  PHONE: (760) 750-4874
  Email: /

  Phone: (619) 260-7920

Military Science 201 and 202 prepare students for entry into the Advanced ROTC program. Emphasis is small unit infantry tactics, operations orders, and military history. Class is conducted twice a week with topics including: leadership, drill and ceremony, map reading, orienteering, rifle marksmanship, first aid, operations orders, and physical conditioning and training. The presentation of material is divided between lecture, hands-on format in classroom, and practical application in leadership laboratories. These dual teaching formats reinforce student learning and are essential for a complete understanding of course material.

MILITARY SCIENCE 301/302 (MIL S 301/302)

INSTRUCTORS: CPT Marc Jason / SFC Derek Salley
  PHONE: (619) 594-2820
  E-MAIL: /

Military Science 301 and 302 develop leadership and organizational skills, time management, and technical competence in military-related subjects. Students concentrate on the practical application of the leadership fundamentals and techniques learned in the ROTC Basic Course and prepare for success at the Leader Development and Assessment Course at Fort Lewis, Washington, and as future commissioned officers in the U.S. Army. The course consists of both classroom instruction and practical field application where cadets are placed in leadership roles.

MILITARY SCIENCE 401/402 (MIL S 401/402)

INSTRUCTORS: LTC Scot Hodgdon / MAJ Bobby Britton
  PHONE: (619) 594-1231 / (619) 594-1238
  E-MAIL: /

These courses present an overview of the Law of War, military code of conduct, values, military ethics, military law, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Practical leadership experience is gained as cadets participate in the planning and evaluation of training exercises that are focused around practical scenarios second lieutenants in today’s Army will encounter.


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